Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Albany, Georgia

Georgia Artists' of Albany
Workshop Schedule 2008 & 2009
Judi Betts -Watercolor Workshop June 9 - 13, 2008 www.XtraordinaryArt.com Workshop fee 300.00

Fealing Lin Watercolor Workshop September 15 - 19, 2008 www.fealingwatercolor.com Workshop fee 300.00


Joseph Fettingis Watercolor Workshop March 17 - 20 (4 day) www.jfettingis.com Workshop fee 260.00 (approx)

Lian Z Watercolor Workshop
www.lianspainting.com August 10 - 14, 2009 Workshop fee 325.00

Don Andrews Watercolor Workshop
www.donandrews.net September 21 - 25 Workshop fee 300.00

For more information contact: Carole Hall Gum

Georgia Artist's Guild of Albany

Education/Workshop Coordinator

(229) 432-5417

Email: klgum@mchsi.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pine Mountian, Georgia

Pine Mountain, Georgia (Near Columbus and LaGrange)
Downtown Pine Mountain

ART WORKS Class Schedule for March, 2008
Ph: 706-663-7778

Sketching and Technique Workshop - Teens & Adults
Instructor: Donna Bailey
Saturday, March 1
Time: 10am-5pm (bring lunch)
Min. of 5 students, Max.10 Fee: $60

Student brings a 9x12 sketch pad (not newsprint) & an assorted pencils/eraser set
Donna says this is an intense workout sure to please everyone interested in learning more about drawing and composition. Shapes, shading, perspective, and more will be covered, and there is a special treat in store for the afternoon session. Students will sketch from a live model during the final portion of the workshop. Her incredible Victorian attire, long black curls worn up with a large flower behind her ear and porcelain skin guarantee a delightful drawing experience.

Sketching and Perspective Workshop - Teens & Adults - Instructor: Dick Millman
Saturday, March 8
Time: 10am-5pm (bring lunch)
Min. of 5, Max.10 Fee: $60
Student brings a 9x12 sketch pad (not newsprint) & an asst. pencil/eraser set
This class will concentrate on quick sketching techniques with emphasis on getting the perspective right.

After an introductory discussion of some of the ‘rules’, we will do a series of exercises, analyze some photos and get the feel of pencil meeting paper. We will work on composition, finding the ‘focus’, a full range of values, expressing the dramatic and making the drawing ‘read’. We will work with shade & shadows, and weather permitting we will tackle one of Pine Mountains “real” subjects.

Please note: The two pencil drawing workshops above are perfect companions. Together they provide students with a complete & thorough overview of rendering a likeness of any given subject.

Hand Building - an Introduction to Clay
Instructor: Faith Birkhead
Tuesdays, March 11. 18 & 25
Time: 6-8pm Min. of 5 students, Max. 10 Fee: $65

Design considerations, tools & techniques will be discussed in the first session as students roll, cut & build a functional piece of pottery from a lump of clay. Pieces will dry and be bisque fired in time for the second class when students will finish their piece with the application of glazes. The piece will be fired once again in time for the third class which will feature an unveiling of the masterpieces along with a student critique & maybe a peek at the potter’s wheel!

Watercolor Crash Course-'Veggie Garden' Barn at Callaway
Instructor: Brenda Stevens
Sunday, Mar. 16 Time: 2:30--6:30 pm
Min. of students 5, Max. 10 Fee: $60

Learn to mix colors as you use a three-color palette of watercolors to create a small painting of the barn in the vegetable garden at Callaway Gardens. Designed for beginner to intermediate, no drawing skills are required. Learn to mix and blend color to create this landscape, which will soon be gone.

Beginning to advanced students will enjoy the results of this well structured approach to watercolor. All supplies are furnished for this workshop which is held in the ART WORKS classroom.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) to Fine Silver Pendant
Instructor: D. Jackson Quillen,Level 2 Certified PMC Artisan

Wednesday, March 26
Time: 10am-3pm(1 hr. lunch)
Min. of 5 students, Max. 10 Fee: $70

Saturday, March 29
Time: 10am-3pm(1 hr. lunch) Min. of 5 students, Max. 10 Fee: $70

It’s made from reclaimed, micron sized particles of pure silver & held together by a non-toxic, cellulose based organic binder, which makes it maleable. Stamp, mold, carve & build to create dimensional pieces. A simple, inexpensive butane torch is used to create this beautiful, one of a kind pendant! Repeat students can create with lump clay or choose to use the silver paste. Bring a small leaf with good veins on the backside, paint several layers of silver onto the leaf & capture all the detail of the veins. The leaf disintegrates while you are firing the binder out of the silver and you have an exact replica of the leaf made in 99.9% fine silver. Be sure to avoid smooth leaves as they won’t give you enough detail. Fun, easy, unique & SILVER!

Oils and the Landscape -Teens & Adults
Instructor: Donna Bailey
Sundays, March 9, 16, 23 & 30
Time: 2-5pm
Min. of 5 students, Max. 8 Fee: $100

Join Donna & her oil painters as they venture out to paint the caboose & gazebo next door to ARTWORKS. Students will work from a provided photo or can paint from their own photo. Composition (what to leave in, what to leave out), perspective, texture, lighting & other special considerations as they apply to painting landscapes will be discussed. Great class for both beginners & advanced students. Ask for a supply list when you sign up.

Jewelry Design
Instructor: Faith Birkhead
Saturday, March 15
Time: 1-4pm Min. of 5 students, Max. 10 Fee: $35

Bring a favorite pendant and create a necklace for it using our beautiful beads and findings. Beads, stringing wire, spacers and clasps are provided. Don’t have a favorite pendant? Take Debra’s fine silver pendant class or Jan’s fused dichroic glass pendant class and then you’ll have a favorite pendant! Or you may select one from our collection of pendants which range in price from $10-$20. Wear your new creation and impress your friends when you say, “Thanks, I made it myself!”. Bring a friend or your teenager to share in this fun class.

Mosaic Glass Creations
Instructor: Beverly Roberts

Saturday, March 15
Time: 11am - 4pm Min. of 4 students, Max. 8 Fee: $70

Receive step-by-step, hands-on instruction while creating a mosaic piece of art. Cut & shape colored glass pieces, glue to make your design and grout. Upon completion of this class, participants should be able to apply these same techniques to create mosaic pieces using a variety of materials and surfaces. As time is limited, please bring your lunch. Call Bev if you have questions about the class: 706-322-2942

Glass, Fusing and Lampworking Workshop
Instructor: Jan Hochreiter

Sundays, Mar. 23, 2-6 and Mar. 30, 2-5
Time: 2-6pm Min. of 5 students, Max. 8 Fee: $100

The first day of the workshop you will learn to nip & layer dichroic glass to create a unique pendant with matching earrings. (Dichroic glass has a beautiful, shimmering metallic finish on its surface. As the piece moves, the light hits it from different angles causing the color to shift back and forth between hues.) While the pendants go into the kiln for fusing, you will learn to make lampworked beads (glass beads made over a small torch) to compliment your fused pendant. Matching specks of dichroic glass will be added to the beads. The second day of the workshop you will finish your earrings and create a necklace with your pendant and matching beads. Come by the gallery and look at Jan’s gorgeous work; you’ll definitely want to try your hand at this!

Other classes coming soon:
Stained Glass
Mixed Media Jewelry
Paper Making
Book Making
Wood Carving
Mixed Media for Kids
Tinting B&W Photos
& lots more!

Be sure to sign our ‘class interest’ sheet in the gallery and we will notify you when we offer a class in which you have expressed an interest.